Marshal News
Marshal News
2008.04.25 | Two New Matracs
The long‑awaited new flagship ultra‑high performance tyre of the Marshal range, the MATRAC FX MU11, has been launched and it certainly lives up to its status in both looks and performance.

The replacement for the KU17, MATRAC FX has been designed to offer especially high levels of wet weather performance and resistance to aquaplaning. Two more of its outstanding characteristics are high resistance to uneven wear and low noise generation.

For the technically‑minded, the new tyre owes its superior performance to a combination of an optimum silica compounding matrix, advanced construction design and the application of sophisticated simulation technologies. It features asymmetric grooves that prevent heel and toe wear by minimising the movement of outside lateral blocks. The water drainage performance is enhanced by slashed lateral grooves.

The sidewall design has been deliberately kept clean and simple and the lettering is readily legible thanks to the use of a noticeably bold font.

In ride and handling tests against a major competitor the new tyre proved superior in all areas of ride and handling, and particularly those of noise generation and ride comfort.

Outdoor test results show significantly improved wear resistance over the predecessor tyre.

MATRAC FX is available in a good spread of sizes to fit wheels from 15in right through to 20in in diameter and you can expect it to start appearing on Bond International's stock lists from April onwards.

This is soon to be joined by the MATRAC X3 KL17 ‑ a new product for the luxury and sports SUV market that offers outstanding resistance to aquaplaning, high cornering stability and a notably quiet and comfortable ride.

To ensure its place in this ever‑expanding sector of the market, KL17 will be available from 16in fitments right through to the ultra large sizes of 22" and above beloved by the thriving tuning industry.