KRS03 |
Truck Tyres
  • Wide and deep tread enhances cost per mileage, driving stability on highway service
  • Modern pattern with straight gooves and S-shaped sipes for driving stability and handling
  • New applied edge overlap on the end of working belts B59improves casing durabilit
Size PR Type LI/SS
12R22.5 16 T/L *152/14L
205/75R17.5 10 T/L 124/122M
215/75R17.5 12 T/L 126/124M
225/70R19.5 12 T/L 125/123L
225/75R17.5 12 T/L 129/127M
235/75R17.5 14 T/L 132/130M
245/70R19.5 14 T/L 133/131M
245/70R19.5 16 T/L 136/134M
265/70R19.5 14 T/L 140/138M
275/70R22.5 16 T/L 148/145M
295/60R22.5 16 T/L 150/147K
295/80R22.5 16 T/L 152/148M
305/70R19.5 16 T/L 148/145M
305/70R22.5 16 T/L 152/148L
315/60R22.5 16 T/L 152/148L
315/70R22.5 16 T/L 154/150L
315/80R22.5 18 T/L 156/150L
315/80R22.5 20 T/L 156/150L
8.5R17.5 12 T/L 121/120M
8R17.5 10 T/L 117/116L
9.5R17.5 12 T/L 129/127L
    T/L 154/150M